A poem for our vets by the most beautiful woman I know

My mother, Patricia Menzel, is the most beautiful poet I know and it’s because her poetry comes from her heart. My mother served in the Air Force where she met my father, Daniel Snickles, retired Mstr. Sgt., who served our country for many years.

I’m very proud of them both.

Here’s a poem my mother wrote for our nation’s heroes.

I never really knew a hero
But now, I truly do
Friends that I grew up with
Gave all for me and you

They risked their lives for people
And left their lives behind
To save the lives of others
To save those they may find

There is no greater gift
That one can ever give
Than giving up their own life
For the rest of us to live

I am proud to say I knew them
When tears start to subside
I’ll remember them with love
I’ll remember them with pride

Patricia Menzel 

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