After 33 years of marriage, North Tonawanda husband gets down on one knee to surprise wife with new wedding ring

When a local wife lost the diamond from her wedding band more than eight years ago on a trip in Myrtle Beach, she was devastated.

“Her wedding band broke, so every few years she has been buying a cheaper ring to replace it,” said Stacy Jasinski, daughter. “She never wanted to go without a ring on her finger because she wants everyone to know she belongs to someone special, my dad.”

But this year Stacy’s dad, Larry Jasinski of North Tonawanda, had a beautiful surprise up his sleeve. He had his children secretly find out his wife Sherry’s ring size to give her a new one on Christmas.

“My sisters and I were the only ones who knew he was going to do this,” said Stacy.

On Christmas Day in front of the whole family, Larry got down on one knee again after 33 years of marriage to surprise his wife who he loves so very much.

“My mom was so surprised and so in love with the ring,” said Stacy. “It was crazy, I’ve never seen my dad cry and hearing him get choked up when he asked my mom to take off the ring she had on her finger put me and my sisters in tears.”

And to make the story even sweeter, when Larry and Sherry first got married, owning a house was most important because they wanted to start a family, so they made their honeymoon a relatively simple one. But now that their children are all grown up, this loving husband and wife are planning the honeymoon they always wanted – a trip to Alaska.

“They are the sweetest couple I’ve ever known,” said Stacy.

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