After dog was killed on I-90, Hamburg woman copes by sending her birthday balloons

We first told you the story of beautiful Kiera, a dog who was killed by a hit and run on the I-90 in early January. Her owner, Nikki, was distraught and was searching for her orange collar that was lost after the accident. While every day is still hard, Nikki is finding different ways to cope like sending her beloved pet some birthday balloons today near where she was killed.

Happy birthday to my leap year baby. My girl… I miss her every day, not a second goes by I don’t wish she’d just pop up wherever I am. To most she’s just a dog, but she slept on my bed with me every night I was home, she came to me when I was crying and put her head in my lap, she pushed her head in my chest when I said give me hugs and she jumped on me when I walked in the door from excitement. My heart is heavy today.

I’m thankful of all the memories I have with her. The countless photos and videos I can look back on in her short life.

As I’m on my way heading back home for the first time since I’ve moved back, I had it planned out for Kiera and it was her birthday week since she didn’t get one last year. She loved the beach, this trip is in memory of you and where you came from.

Happy birthday angel, but most of all thank you for making me strong again.”

Happy birthday, Kiera. Fly high with the angels.

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