After local woman calls to cancel deceased dog’s food, Chewy sends flower arrangement

It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially when that pet was your best friend for the past 16 years.

The Szafranski Family of Williamsville recently had to put down their dog, Max. It was one of the most heartwrenching things they’ve ever had to experience.

“He was an amazing dog,” said Danette Szafranski. “A wonderful companion and best friend.”

Danette sadly had to call and cancel her beloved pet’s dog food. She was so surprised when the woman on the phone, Ashley, told her they would get a refund for the food that was already delivered and that they could donate it to another dog in need. But if that wasn’t kind enough, the next thing that happened brought her to tears.

“We received this beautiful arrangement today from this is where we ordered our dog food for Max from. When I called to cancel his food they told me they were so sorry for our loss and told me to donate the food they had just delivered and they credited the money back to my account. They also said if I needed anyone to talk to that they were there for us. What a great company. Thank you Ashley and the Chewy Family. This means so much.”

Great job,!

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