Amazing volunteers attempt to fly to Buffalo to help Colombia dogs and when flight is cancelled, kind people donate funds for a hotel

We’ve seen many good deeds during the snowstorm today, but one in particular warmed our heart. Today three rescue dogs from Colombia were set to take a plane ride to Buffalo to meet their forever families, but when the flight was cancelled volunteers from Cartagena Paws who took the trip with them were left stranded.

Maureen Cattieu, founder of Cartagena Paws, posted a plea for help and so many people came to the rescue in just 40 minutes! The four volunteers, sisters Aisha Vance, Bekkah Vance, Ella Paulk, and Tammy Vance, are all safe and sound now.

“I am so deeply touched by how many people wrote to me and offered help! We were able to fundraise enough money to pay for the hotel for the night! Cartagena Paws is blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people! I can’t wait to continue the great news tomorrow when we get Bongo and Sasha to Buffalo,” she said. Snickers, the third pup rescued, made it safely to his forever home.

Cattieu said the donations will also go towards a nice warm pizza for volunteers. They say it takes a village. How amazing is it that all these people came together to help some very special pups?

Learn more about Cartagena Paws here:

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