Bills streaker receives ‘Compassionate Action Award’ from PETA for rescuing cat from tree

They say a good deed never goes unnoticed and the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) certainly noticed the Buffalo streaker’s heroic deed on March 6 after his story of saving a cat stuck in a very tall tree for nine days went viral.

“When Tristan Lambright saw that his unique skills could save a cat from a deadly predicament, he jumped right in to help,” said PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien.

According to a press release sent to us, Lambright will receive a Compassionate Action Award for coming to the cat’s rescue when no one else would.

“PETA hopes his bravery and kindness will inspire people everywhere to take action when animals are in danger,” O’Brien continued.”

PETA encourages anyone who spots a cat stuck in a tree or on a high structure to call authorities for help immediately—and if they won’t help, call PETA’s 24/7 emergency line at 757-622-PETA.”

Lambright will receive a framed certificate and a box of vegan cookies for his good deed.

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