Buffalo art teacher paints rocks and leaves them at national baseball stadiums

A talented art teacher has been sharing “Buffalove” on her travels this summer.

Kathie Eisinger of Buffalo joined the Sweet Buffalo Rocks group on Facebook a few months ago and when she saw what an impact the rock craze was having on the community, she decided to spread a little joy herself. She spent the summer traveling to major league baseball stadiums and left a baseball-themed rock at each one.

“I’m an art teacher, so I love to create. I’m also a huge baseball fan. I think it’s neat that people travel from all over to see games, and me leaving a rock is just showing love for that team and that city. It’s kind of like a big thank you for sharing their stadium and their city to someone who’s never been there before,” she said.

And on her most recent trip to New York to see a Mets game, two very special guests found her rock!

“Our kids, Ava Loren Barile and Ryan Fallon, were given the wonderful opportunity through their school to sing the national anthem at the Mets game,” said Zabrina Barile, Ava’s mom. “While taking photos before entering Citi Field my daughter Ava found the rock. Her friend Ryan is a die hard Mets fan so you can imagine his joy. It was a great part of a great day!”

Eisinger was thrilled to see that the children had found her rock on their big day. They were total strangers who from many miles away were able to form a small connection through a painted rock.

But that’s what Eisinger says Buffalo is all about.

“I am not a Buffalo native. I grew up in Bridgeport, N.Y., about 20 minutes from downtown Syracuse. When I came here I didn’t know much about the city. I tried learning the bussing system and got really confused. I ended up getting help from someone and I thought it was so sweet. She ended up being my bus buddy for seven years until she passed away.”

“Buffalo really is the “City of Good Neighbors.” I just want to spread that Buffalove onto the cities I visit. It makes me very happy when people find the rocks. I only know that two people have posted about finding the rocks (Chicago Cubs and Mets), and I just hope that they get as much joy out of owning the rock as I had making it. I was very excited that someone found the Mets rock, because as a Mets fan, this season has been such a letdown (especially with all these devastating injuries). Even though our team won’t see the post season, we still love our team and will never stop. I know that the kids who found it are true Mets fans.”

If you would like join the Sweet Buffalo Rocks group on Facebook, visit https://m.facebook.com/groups/1140264079434849


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