Transit Drive-In owner hopes to make dying man’s last wish come true: ‘George would like to hear Godzilla roar one more time’

The owner of the Transit Drive-In is determined to make his dying friend’s last wish come true. He would love nothing more than to see Godzilla: King of the Monsters before he is gone. The only problem is it doesn’t come out until May. He hopes that Warner Bros. Entertainment and Legendary might hear his plea make this happen for his friend.

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Mikey, boy who hasn’t lived outside a hospital since he was born, set to go home next week

You remember sweet Mikey Barone, the boy who hasn’t left the hospital since he was born. His mom placed a Christmas tree of lights outside of his window to let everyone know he wished them a merry Christmas. Mikey become a superstar here in Buffalo after his story went viral and now he’s almost set to go home – maybe even Monday!

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