Chris Pratt surprises Albany teen battling cancer after learning about his bucket list

Jacob Monday is a brave young man who is on a mission to complete a bucket list after battling a rare form of brain cancer for the past 17 months. He just had a few simple requests like camping with his family, indoor skydiving, and visiting his brother in Michigan. But just in case anyone was listening, he threw in meeting his favorite actor Chris Pratt, too.

Well, Jacob can now check that off the bucket list as Chris Pratt surprised Jacob, his brother, and his mom in New York City last week!

“He got to spend time with a video game developer for Universal and to play some games that are not yet released. While we were doing that, Chris Pratt arrived to spend time with Jacob,” said Amy Hellenschmidt Preston, a teacher at Jacob’s school who has organized making his bucket list come true with fellow teacher, Stephanie Bowen. Chris Pratt’s team reached out to them on social media to arrange a meeting and they were so grateful they were able to help make his dream come true.

“Chris Pratt is one of the most incredibly kind people I have met – he was absolutely the real deal in every way,” said Preston. “He was kind and compassionate, generous with his time, and completely focused on Jacob and making a positive difference in his life.”

While he had him there, Jacob asked Pratt to post on his Instagram and now Jacob is amazed he went from a little over 100 followers to now 154,000 followers in just a few days. It’s that kind of love and support that has brightened his spirit.

He’s just a great kid,” said Preston. “He has a wonderful sense of humor, and he is strong.”

Great job, Chris Pratt, on being this young man’s hero. You’re in our prayers always, Jacob!

Read more about Jacob’s story here:

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