Dad only had 10 minutes to live after being taken off life support, but son says he pushed until the Bills made the playoffs

It was a sad day for one Sherman, N.Y. family. At 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 31 Duncan Roy Calhoun had a stroke and a category 5 aneurysm. At around noon the family had to make the heartbreaking decision to take him off life support, but he wasn’t ready to go just yet.

“He was given 10 minutes to live. Instead he persisted until around 9 p.m. He knew how much I loved the Bills and although he wasn’t a big fan of football, he always made sure to know how the Bills were doing so that we would have something to talk about. In my heart I knew he stuck around to see how happy I was that the Bills made the playoffs,” said Angus Calhoun, Duncan’s son. “He was a great man and the Bills were something that helped my family as we were around his death bed. Thank you dad and thank you Bills. Hug your loved ones.”

Angus was kind enough to share a few photos of his father who taught him how to play guitar when he was a boy.

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