Dog left with Ashford dog control officer in need of a home: ‘He shows all signs of being abused’

An Ashford dog control officer received a call last Sunday from a couple who claimed to have found a Rottweiler mix, but their story just didn’t add up.

“It was very suspicious, said John Syms. “I’ve been in this business for quite a long time prior to this happening and a lot of people who allegedly found a dog were really pawning their own dog on me.”

Syms said the couple also said they were getting a new puppy and asked for information on a crate.

“Very convenient of them to get rid of the existing guy,” remarked Syms, who made mention that the couple also knew the dog’s age. “At one point I was talking to them and they said ‘he’s pretty young, he’s 3.’ I thought to myself, if you’ve had him for six days, how are you so sure of that?”

Sadly, this particular dog also seems to have been abused in his past. He is very scared of men, but was very happy to see Sym’s female friend he brought to visit. The pup wagged his tail and even let her put a collar on him.

“He’s much more frightened of men than women, so that must be who has done the abusing,” said Syms.

He is now looking for a forever home for this sweet pup who deserves so much better than the life he has had. A home with no children would be best and a meet and greet would be required.

“I believe he was given to these people and then he turned around and he’s back in the kennel again, but at least he’s out of a bad place now,” said Syms.

The pup is about 55 pounds and healthy. Anyone interested in adopting him may call Syms at 716-698-0159.

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