Empty chairs remember local teenage girls taken away far too soon

Kaely’s Kindness, a nonprofit that aims to bring teenage girls with life-threatening illnesses together in friendship, held its annual mother-daughter fundraising event at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens, but one piece to the event moved the whole room.

Empty chairs honored local teenage girls who sadly passed away. Kaely Kwitek, founder of Kaely’s Kindness, tells us more.

“I wanted to change the display for the angels this year, so my mom came up with the chairs idea and then it all came together when we realized the room on the stage would be perfect to resemble the girls no longer with us and not sitting with us even though they should be. The lights on the frames made by my stepdad encouraged our DJs to put lighting under the chairs to also emphasize the remembrance of those lost. They were lit up the whole time and noticed throughout the whole event. I thought of the roses when searching through Pinterest. A red rose resembling our love for the girls lost. We always want to make sure to honor those who are no longer with us, so along with the chairs we had Victoria Lorenz play the violin and played a presentation that featured all of the angels we have lost. We also invite all the mothers and family of the lost girls and want them to feel special and we want them to know we haven’t forgotten about their loved ones. We miss our angels as much as the families miss this.”

The foundation honored Angel Neale, Jessica Stone, Siobhan Dochstader, Melina Riniolo, Shahadah Johnson, Breane Boles, Erin McAneney, Ginny Fagard, Sandra Haddad, and Caitlyn Burbidge.

A beautiful tribute to the most amazing girls who will never be forgotten.

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