Hamburg SWAT team enlists local boy to help with ‘drug bust’

This Fourth of July was a very special one for local boy, Andrew Masse. We featured a story on Andrew earlier this week when the Town of Evans police and fire departments got together to surprise him with a parade for his birthday. Now today Andrew teamed up with the Hamburg SWAT team on a “drug bust” and he couldn’t have been more excited.

“It was training for the SWAT team, but Andrew didn’t know that. He was nervous this morning the bad guys were going to have guns,” laughed Andrew’s mom, Jennifer Masse.

Here’s the story.

“When the Hamburg SWAT team needed another man to conduct a raid on a drug house, they called Deputy Andrew from the Town of Evans PD. They picked him up at 9:30 this morning, deputized him, and took him to the pre-raid briefing.

They entered the alleged drug house with a flash-bang, and Andrew put the cuffs onto the disoriented suspect. As he was leading him out to the police humvee the suspect was saying ‘I want my lawyer.’  Andrew placed him in the vehicle and loudly slammed the door. Andrew said he looked like a drug dealer and should get 40 years in jail.”

If that isn’t the coolest story you’ll hear all day. Thank you to Jennifer Masse for submitting.

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