Harley Field owner makes little girl’s day

When Beth Dauria Adams passed by Harley Field near Lockport, she thought what a cute and well kept field it was.

“I always wanted to stop and talk with the owner because it is so immaculate and it looks like something out of the 1950s,” she said.

Beth also always wanted to dress up her daughter, Libby, as Dottie from “A League of Their Own,”  so she decided to call Harley Field and see if they would allow her to take some shots of her daughter in the costume. The owner, George, answered the phone right away and said he would be delighted.

“He said we could come over in a few hours and he would even cut the grass, rake the field, and put down fresh lines,” exclaimed Beth.

The family arrived a few hours later and Beth said the field was pristine! But she had no idea the sweet surprise her daughter was in store for.

“He says, ‘Did you look at the scoreboard?’ ”

Photo courtesy of Dolly Valentine Photography

“It said Welcome Libby!” What an absolutely endearing thing for us. We were all so excited!”

Photo courtesy of Dolly Valentine Photography

George had bats, a mit, softball, and a baseball laid out for her, too. He let the family run around and take pictures and even played some old music for them as well.

Photo courtesy of Dolly Valentine Photography

Beth said when George saw Libby so happy and playing he said, “This right here makes it all worth it.”

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