Kindness comes full circle: Strangers offer to pay for servicemembers’ ice cream at Frey’s Tasty Treat

A small act of kindness can make a world of difference and that’s just what a few strangers aimed to do this week when they saw two members of the Army waiting in line to get ice cream. Here’s the story from Tina Marie, a local mom.

“Yesterday I took my kids to Frey’s Tasty Treat for  ice cream after picking my son up from school. As we were finishing up, two young women (I’m guessing in their early 20s) dressed in their Army uniforms walked past us towards the window to order. I hustled my kids behind them and asked if I could please buy their ice cream for them. They seemed shocked, but grateful! While waiting for their order, my son noticed a picture of a super hero ice cream cone (his favorite and what he had just ate) and I pointed to the two women and said, ‘That’s what they are! Our country’s superheroes!’ One of them said, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to make me tear up.’ Just then their cones came out and instead of giving me the total, the lady handing then over said ‘You ladies are all set. Thank you for your service.’ That interaction all the way around just made my heart so happy.’

It makes our heart happy, too!

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