Latest trend – stitch portraits: How one WNYer is bringing this craze to Buffalo

Stitch portraits – it’s a craze that you might have noticed on your Instagram and Pinterest pages. Many Hollywood stars are using this form of art to announce an addition to their family, or an engagement.

Personalized cross stitch portraits are rapidly becoming a staple in homes across the globe, and one Western New Yorker is honing her creative skills, and offering up just what customers are craving.

“I started my business by making a portrait for my dad and his fiancé,” says Jessica Kirsch. “They were newly engaged and bought a house, so I wanted to make them something special to celebrate.”

After word spread about Kirsch’s sewing talents, she decided to turn her side project into a small business. She is now the proud owner of Sew Stitchin’ Cute, an online shop through Facebook where she is drumming up support from the community.

“It’s only about three months old, but I have been very busy,” she exclaims. “I am always working on one!”

Jessica was inspired to earn side money to help support her husband and young daughter. With a challenging start to her young daughter’s life, she says it’s not just about being her daughter’s role model, but it also comes as a form of therapy.

“Stitching to me is relaxing and I really enjoy it. My daughter is almost two and I have been a stay-at-home mom since she was born. She was born premature at 28 weeks, and needed around-the-clock care. She spent 58 days in the NICU! Now, she is doing amazing. My life pretty much revolves around her, and I never imagined I would have enough time for a small business, but I do most of my portraits after she goes to bed. Having my business helps me reconnect with myself, as being a mom is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.”

Jessica adds that her daughter joins in on the fun, too!

“She loves the post office, and everyone who works there knows us now from shipping my finished portraits out,” she explains. “I love knowing that my portraits are bringing smiles to not just my daughter’s face, but so many others, as well.”

So how long does it take to complete a stitch from start to finish?

“Well that usually depends on the size, of course, but when I get an order in I utilize photos from my customers of everyone they want stitched in, pets included!”

Jessica says that, on average, she can finish and frame each stitch masterpiece in one to two weeks.

I had to test out Jessica’s skills, so I ordered my stitch portrait, including my young twins and three dogs (yes, you guessed it, I live off coffee!) and I have to say, I absolutely adore my new portrait. She even captured my twins affection for one another perfectly.

If you wish to shop small, and purchase a stitch portrait through Western New Yorker, Jessica Kirsch, head to

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