Little boy devastated when he finds out cancer came back: Let’s send him a card to cheer him up

Triton, a 7-year-old boy from Salt Lake City, Utah is about as tough as they get. So tough, in fact, that those who know him refer to it as “Triton Tough.” Triton beat cancer once, but unfortunately it has come back again.

“He was about as happy with his diagnosis as the rest of us. Prayers, please. His cancer is back and we are waiting to see what the line of attack will be. Gonna be another long year but if Triton can beat this, it’ll be worth it! Round 2 is more aggressive and more of a challenge so our faith will be tested over the course of the year,” said his mom.

Let’s show this young man some love and bring his smile back. If you would like to send Triton a card or a note of encouragement the address is:

Triton Fritz

P.O. Box 299

Hudson, Wyoming 82515

To learn more about Triton Tough, visit

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