Little girl’s ‘Beads of Courage’ show just how strong our childhood cancer warriors are

Kristie Kahley was recently told the words no mother wants to hear. Her daughter, Jordan, has stage 2 non-Hodgkins Burkitts Lymphoma and had to begin aggressive chemotherapy and treatment right away.

“We all lost it, broke down, and the three of us cried and hugged each other. We felt lost and angry and couldn’t understand why this has to happen to her,” said Kahley.

The discovery of cancer came from a swollen lymph node, which had never previously hurt or bothered Jordan. But one day when the school called Kahley on Feb. 23 and told her Jordan was complaining of pain, the doctor advised her to take her daughter to the ER right away.

“To even think the swollen lymph node on my daughter’s neck from the previous week could be cancerous was never expected,” she said.

Jordan started her first round of aggressive chemo on March 6 and mom says she has done very well. She’s incredibly proud of her daughter for fighting so hard and recently shared this inspiring photo of her superhero.

“For those of you who don’t know what Jordan is holding, those are her Beads of Courage. She has earned these beads the past two weeks and they will keep growing as she continues her treatment. Each bead means something different. White is for chemo treatments, tortoise is for LPs (spinal taps), blue is for clinic visits, black is for needle pokes, etc. She is my super hero and is incredibly tough!”

We are praying for you, Jordan.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family at this difficult time. To make a donation, visit 

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