Local Boy Scout on a mission to register new bone marrow donors and you can help!

Wes, a 15-year-old sophomore at Barker Central School, is on a mission to do something incredibly good. Wes is in the Boy Scouts with Troop #22 in Newfane, and in order to become an Eagle Scout he has to fulfill a very special project.

“We have a friend, he’s 4, who has a very rare genetic disorder called Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome. It causes a host of issues, but makes it  very likely (1 and 3 chance) that he will need a bone marrow transplant in his lifetime,” said Mary Jo Clemens-Harris, Wes’ mom.

And so Wes is now on a mission to get 200 to 500  new donors registered on the bone marrow registry in honor of his young friend.

“He has no matches in his family and his parents are big into helping register potential donors through a group called Be The Match. And so, Wes’ project was born,” she said.

Wes has several drives set up until June including the Buffalo Marathon health expo and UB and Canisius’ Relay for Life. He also has a web link people can use if they cannot attend a live event. Visit http://join.bethematch.org/eagleprojectwes to register or learn more.

So far Wes has registered 11 new donors. #scoutingformarrow #eagleprojectwes

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