Man grateful for stranger’s help during snowstorm: ‘He helped my wife and I get our car out of the street just because’

A local man sent us a message yesterday because he wanted to thank another for a random act of kindness and of course, we never say no to promoting that.

Will Mason said he and his wife forgot to put their car in the garage before the snowstorm and it was stuck in the street. A stranger drove by and offered his help and the Masons were so grateful.

“I’m outside with Kate working for about 10 minutes to shovel my car out (it was really stuck). As we are struggling and making zero progress, a driver that’s passing by slams on the breaks and asks if he can help. After I told him we were OK, he still proceeded to pull over, gets out of his car, and asked if he can get in the driver side to help us. I agree – and after about 25 minutes of help, he was able to get our car out. I know this isn’t the most “moving” story, but I wanted to pass it to you because of how kind and selfless this guy was. As he walked back to his car, I thanked him, and told him I’m going to bring him some beer, and he was in a rush – but he gave me his card and was totally nice and cool and told me no thanks was necessary. He was such a great dude. His name is Paul Ranallo and he works as an Automotive Facilities Inspector for the DMV in Buffalo. Nicest guy!”

Once in a while people ask us why we share small acts of kindness. In our minds, small acts of kindness encourage even bigger acts. What a nice thing you did, Paul.

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