Melanie’s Eats-N-Sweets: WNY’s cake and bake shop for every occasion

Five years ago, Melanie Ludwig Rozler decided to open up her own bakery on hope and a prayer. Leaving the corporate world behind was a scary one for her, but she knew she had something special to offer and was determined to see it through.

“I grew up baking with my mom and grandma. I’d help with the cookies and I played around here and there and when challenges became more and more, I discovered I could do it. I had a talent,” she said.

And so Melanie’s Eats-N-Sweets was born on Lake Street and later moved to its current location at 4220 South Park Avenue, Hamburg. The quaint, purple painted bakery features custom cakes for all occasions, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, and their famous cake balls.

“People go crazy over the cake balls. Who would have thought,” joked Rozler. “We focus on the homemade aspect of things and not commercial baking. All of our recipes are based on homemade desserts I would have made in my house or grandma’s house and I think people can tell the difference with that.”

What customers can also tell the difference in is the uniqueness that Rozler puts into each project. Whether it be a special Scooby Doo birthday cake to surprise a groom, or a last-minute pink and white ombre wedding cake for a couple celebrating their one-year anniversary, the baker outdoes herself every time.

“I can’t do simple, even if they want it and they are paying for it, I don’t have it in me. I like to be creative and a lot of people know that if they don’t have a specific idea in mind they can tell me to do my thing and I certainly will. That’s a thing with me,” she said.

Rozler says what motivates her to be so unique is the incredible feedback she gets from her customers.

“I love the reaction, the smile, the excitement…”

She also aims to make her mother proud who passed away five years ago. She helped to design the bakery for Rozler and although she was resistive at first of her daughter’s move, she knew her daughter had something amazing going for her. While Rozler has to compete with pricing of the big box stores, she knows the quality of her bakery is top notch.

“We make our own buttercream. We don’t use mass produced ones in a factory that are frozen. You won’t get that chemical taste here either. Just delicious, homemade cakes with a personal touch.”

Rozler also works within her customer’s budget so they can have the dream cake they want at a price they can afford.

For more information on Melanie’s Eats-N-Sweets, call 716-823-6357 or visit And to check out more of Melanie’s amazing creations, you may also “like” the business on Facebook.


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