Mom upset her young child has to walk to Lockport school because they live too close for busing

A local mom took to Facebook this week because she has had enough of her son having to walk outside in frigid temperatures because the family lives too close to Lockport schools.

“We are so close that the bus stands directly in front of our home for 15 minutes before it starts their route. Children in our development get picked up just not within that mile. Why my child can’t walk a few doors down with me and be picked up is beyond me,” said Anetka Sosa, parent. “Why myself or any parent/parents are expected to walk in the winter with no sidewalks just bothers me beyond belief.”

Sosa has a 2-year-old and a 3-month-old which makes it difficult for her to walk her son to school, but she does. She says her son has to walk on a busy road with no sidewalks and no shoulder for almost a mile in the cold. The speed limit is 35 mph and she worries for the safety of her child. All because she says districts are allowed to decide if a student can be bused or not if they live within two miles of the school.

“I want to cry I’m so frustrated. I know when we were little we walked longer distances, I know that others may have it worse, but this should not be happening, I don’t know what logic was used to make this law stick, but I’m asking you to help me change it,” said Rosa. “I will not go quietly. I do not want my child missing school because it’s too bad out there to walk and I don’t want my child or any child to be at risk for getting hit by a car. No child this age should be considered a ‘walker’ like we were told when we moved here and tried to set up busing.”

Rosa believes NYS law needs to change.

“I tried to reason with them and was told that the law was on their side. This law needs to change! Not everyone has two vehicles, not everyone needs two vehicles. My husband and I work opposite shifts for the sole purpose that one of us is always home with our children. Why do they have to make this so difficult? What do our school taxes pay for? Do I pay less because my child is a ‘walker?’ I don’t think so. Instead to save a few bucks and put it in someone else’s pocket we’re left with no options, just left to figure it out. In other words they are saying ‘your child does not matter.’ Well that’s not good enough for me, I will fight whoever I have to.”

Rosa said the purpose of her plea is to make sure that each and every child deserves the promise of a safe way to school.

“No one should be excluded. You never know someone’s situation, whether it’s a single parent trying to manage everything themselves and make it to work, not everyone has help, not everyone has options. Sometimes the only safe place a child has is school, what if they can’t make it there? This law is letting those children down. No exceptions, no hardhsips matter, you don’t matter. Your child’s absence does not matter, only your tax dollar does. Each child should be provided with a way to school not just mine. They don’t have voices big enough, we have to speak for them, fight for them.”

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UPDATE – An online petition has been created to change the busing  policy in New York State. It has almost reached its goal of 2,500 signatures. To view or sign the petition visit:

One thought on “Mom upset her young child has to walk to Lockport school because they live too close for busing

  • December 29, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    This is what’s wrong with people today- expecting someone else to take responsibility for them.
    First- Why did you buy the house you live in? Didn’t you consider the school options before you bought? My parents did. I did. That was the first consideration- what are the schools like and how far away is it? For you to expect that someone else takes care of your kids is your fault! Own it.
    Second- you don’t state how old your child is, so you’re biasing everyone reading this article to sympathize with you without sharing all the facts. Good job manipulating the masses, but I won’t fall for it.
    Third- The cold and frigid air? Really? These have been the mostly mild winters in the north. That’s why there are those things called jackets and boots.
    I grew up in Lockport and walked to and from elementary school and junior high. In the rain, in the snow and in all kinds of conditions. I carried a book bag with a lot of books in it. It’s embarrassing to hear they cancel school because the temperatures are at 0F. Why not drive your child to school if you’re so concerned? Your child is your responsibility until the school bell rings.
    Fourth- when we walked to and from school we actually had fun doing it. at times it was an adventure. we had snowball fights and had friends to walk together- it was a bonding time. I walked with my brother and it was better. You should feel fortunate to be close enough to walk to school with your child and consider that some people wish they had that opportunity. Join with your neighbors and walk together and strengthen your sense of community instead of becoming more dependent on everyone else and the system to take care of you. It doesn’t and it shouldn’t.
    Fifth- you think school busses are the safest form of transportation? There are issues with the busses to and it’s not necessarily the best way to get to and from school either. The busses are a huge financial drain on the school system, which in turn reduces the amount of money going into the classrooms to educate your child. Between insurance, maintenance, acquisition, fuel and operating costs and paying the drivers there is considerable amount of revenue expended on just transportation. You want to spend the education budget on busses because you don’t want your child to walk?

    It all comes down to you picked where you live and if you didn’t do the research and get the conditions you want for your children then it’s your responsibility. Lockport was a great place to grow up and go to school. The teachers and programs are great. The things they’ve done for the school system are fantastic.


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