My new friend, Glenn, who I will not soon forget

One of my favorite things about the Sweet Buffalo Rocks group is how the mission connects good people together and today I was able to experience that for myself.

One of my favorite rockers in the group who I had never met in person is Glenn Scott. Glenn paints the most magnificent rocks and everyone goes wild over them. When I didn’t see him posting rocks in the group as often, I wondered where he was. Then one day he appeared again and when I asked him where he’d been, he joked that “it’s hard to find the good rocks.” I missed his painting so much that I decided to give my rocks to him today.

And that’s how I got to meet Glenn.

Glenn lives off of Hertel Avenue where he found his first rock, a minion he said. He told me that he loves to paint and even has his own art studio in his apartment. He also told me that he is a veteran of the U.S. Army. I thanked him for his service. Glenn has a degree in graphic design, too, which might explain why he’s so good at painting rocks.

Now retired, Glenn spends his time helping his elderly neighbors and cleaning up the neighborhood. He says it makes him feel good to tidy up and keep things looking nice.

Glenn also participates in events at the VA Hospital where he entered in the arts competition. His artwork was so great that he even made it into the Veterans National Art Competition! How amazing is that?

Before we parted ways, Glenn thanked me for the rocks and said, “it feels like Christmas.” Little did Glenn know, he turned my not so great day into a wonderful one just by sharing his story with me.

Because of Sweet Buffalo Rocks, I made a new friend who I will not soon forget.


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