North Tonawanda dog control officer urges pet owners to stop leaving pets outside

You would think that it’s common sense to only let your pets out to use the bathroom in the winter and then let them back in, but a North Tonawanda dog control officer has received several complaints of pet owners leaving their dogs outside in the cold today and unfortunately there’s nothing she can do. Christine Hutten issued the following plea on Facebook.

Dear North Tonawanda residents,

Stop leaving your pets outside please! It is freezing cold, windy, and snowing. Their fur is useless in this weather. It is also against the law to leave a dog out in inclement weather conditions without proper shelter, so just don’t do it. I have received way too many phone calls of dogs being left out in this horrible weather just today.

With that said, a friendly reminder that I cannot enforce Agriculture and Markets Law Article 26; Cruelty to Animals, which is what leaving an animal out in this weather falls under. You need to contact the Niagara County SPCA at 716-731-4368 or the North Tonawanda Police Department at  716-692-4111 option 0, not me.

Thank you and please do not leave your animals outside in these temps.

Stay warm everyone!

~Christine Hutten
North Tonawanda Dog Control

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