NT Fire Department Assistant Chief retires, celebrates with family

It’s an exciting time for one North Tonawanda man who has dedicated his life to saving yours.

North Tonawanda Fire Department Assistant Chief Christopher Fritz retired after 31 years of service to the Local 1333 organization. He celebrated with his family today who are also some of his biggest fans.

“Growing up I was always so proud to brag that my dad was a firefighter,” said Kaitlin Urban, daughter. “Yes, it was scary when he’d leave in the middle of the night and yes it was tough when he didn’t come home right at the end of a shift, but I knew, and we all knew, it was because he was out there helping someone. He took so much pride in what he did and was someone who genuinely loved his career.”

Fritz also inspired his family members to become firefighters, too. Kaitlin’s brother and her husband followed in his footsteps and made it their life’s mission to save lives because of him.

“They saw how much he loved doing what he did that it inspired them to work for it, too. Now, my husband and older brother work in NT and my younger brother began his firefighting career in North Carolina after he served time in the Marines,” she said.

The North Tonawanda Fire Department wished Fritz a very happy, long and well deserved retirement and shared a history of his sacrifice and service to the community on Facebook.

Congratulations Assistant Chief Fritz and thank you for all you’ve done to keep our community safe!

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