On this Mother’s Day, we recognize a mom who has shown us the true meaning of unconditional love

This Mother’s Day we would like to recognize a very special mom. Her name is Elizabeth Bradley and she is the mom of Sebastian Bradley, an amazing little boy who has been battling terminal brain cancer. Her unconditional love and strength for her son and her daughter Maiah could move mountains. No matter what she’s going through on the inside, it never shows on the outside because her focus is on making her children happy. She loves Sebastian with everything she has and not a second goes by that she doesn’t make sure he knows it.

“He’s has made me a better mom…that I’m capable of doing things I never thought I could. For instance, I have a fear of blood and needles but yet I was in every shiny tap and situation where there was blood everywhere and I had to smile so he wouldn’t freak out. I didn’t think I was strong enough to deal with such a task, but here I am trying my best everyday. He’s also he’s taught me to always be kind to strangers and smile no matter what. I have to make him proud…hard days are coming but I’ll worry about that when I get there. I will keep living one day at a time.”

Today is Sebastian’s 10th birthday and to make him smile, Elizabeth had Disney Cruise tickets made.

“He’s been wanting to go there so bad, so there he got the excitement of the idea of going,” she said.

Happy Mother’s Day Elizabeth and happy 10th birthday Sebastian. ❤

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