Our love story: He took a chance on me – a broke single mother, and I took a chance on him – a heroin addict

When I met my husband, he had been in Florida for about one week… in rehab. My stepdad was a patient there as well. I saw him for the first time while attending a meeting with my stepdad during the facility’s family day. I was introduced to him and it was obvious that we had a connection. I recently left an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father and was really at rock bottom at that point in my life. My apartment was empty except for my bed and hers. I was on public assistance… you know, the whole nine. I had my struggle and he had his. We were both two people who needed something different in our lives because whatever it was that we were doing was not working.

He eventually made his way to a half-way house and it gave us the freedom to see more of each other. I went to every AA meeting with him that I could manage to make it to. He and my daughter had a natural connection from the get-go and when the three of us were together it just felt right. We were three peas in a pod. I remember the night he showed up at my apartment with everything he had in two garbage bags. We stood in my empty living room and held each other. He said to me, “We deserve so much more than this.”

We both worked hard; he started a new job pulling 70 hours a week on night shift and I was promoted at work. We were both high school drop outs, but we knew we were capable of more. I got my GED. I supported his dream of joining the Army and we separated for seven months. He trained in another state while I dove head first into being a full-time student, employee, and mother all at once. We got married after he graduated and we moved to Buffalo.

Since then, I graduated with honors from college and we have rewarding careers. We bought our first home together and added another kiddo to our little family. We’ve spent every day building our life from literally nothing. He took a chance on me – a broke single mother, and I took a chance on him – a heroin addict. That sounds so horrible, it really does. But I thank my lucky stars that we crossed paths when we did.

We have been each other’s biggest cheerleaders from day one. He’s maintained a sober lifestyle and has turned his desire to get high into a desire for success. He’s told me that it was my daughter and I who kept him sober in those early days and he repays us every day by being the best friend, husband, provider, father, and man that I could ever ask for. We recently celebrated his seventh year clean and our seventh year of being best friends. It’s been the best seven years of my life.


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