Please share and help find cell phone that has hundreds of photos of baby who is in Hospice care

A local family is in desperate need of finding their cell phone which was stolen from the Ronald McDonald House Family Lounge in the Oishei Children’s Hospital on Sunday. More than 200 photos and videos of North Tonawanda resident Jessica Seneca’s 2-week-old baby who is currently in Hospice care were on the phone. Priceless memories that this mom would be heartbroken to lose.

“If I could say one thing to the person who stole my phone I would want to know what they were thinking because they have to of opened my phone and saw the picture of me and my baby and still decided to take it. I just want my phone back. No charges pressed, no questions asked. Nothing.”

Seneca says strangers are even offering a reward for the return of the phone. Hopefully whoever stole it will have a conscious and bring it back soon. ?

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