Please share! Mother battling leukemia in desperate need of platelet donations

Elizabeth Restey, a mother to two children, is battling leukemia. Her oldest son is 18 months and her youngest child is in NICU at Oishei Children’s Hospital as he was delivered at only 26 weeks.

Restey found out she had Acute Myeloid leukemia during her prenatal visit. This is Elizabeth’s second time with the same leukemia. She was diagnosed the first time at 21 years old, right after she graduated from University at Buffalo. This is no way for a young woman to start off motherhood.

Her mother, Sarah Henry, had this to say:

“She is such a strong girl…. a real fighter. This is a really hard time for all of us, but her especially because she can’t see her babies. Her bone marrow transplant was scheduled for this week, but was canceled after she developed an antibody to her donors bone marrow.”

Restey is currently at Roswell and they have a shortage in platelets. You can donate to Roswell directly. She can accept anyone’s platelets, so people can ask for them to go directly to her. It takes about two hours to donate. Donating blood saves lives and here is a situation where you can directly impact the health and well being of a mother to two beautiful babies.

For more information call the donor center at 716-845-8275 or email

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