Stranger donates airline points to get two deserving Bills fans to Jacksonville game

You may have heard of Dick DeGroat and his wife, Denise. Dick, better known as “Bills Dad,” has been making Buffalo Bills parody music videos for the past 17 weeks. In each video, he puts on a Bills jersey and sings a song to cheer on his favorite team. It’s been a great hit among Bills fans with his most recent video receiving more than 100,000 Facebook views.

So when a stranger on social media offered to use his Southwest Airline points for a Bills fan to go to the Jacksonville game, fellow fans knew exactly who it deserved to go. Dick has been making people smile for weeks and now it was his turn it smile. He and his wife already had tickets to the game (also purchased by a stranger) but they couldn’t afford the price of a plane ticket. That’s where Adam Pensel came in.

“Alright Mafia. I can’t go to the game in Jacksonville, but I want to help do my part to get as many Bills fans there as possible. I have a little over 100,000 Southwest Airlines points. Tell me what ending the drought has meant to you and I will cover one person’s airfare with my points if your schedule works out with the flights they have left. No joke. Get a ticket and book your room because airfare is on me.”

After receiving tons of messages and almost 300 comments on his post in the Bills Mafia FB group, Pensel chose the DeGroats who say they are incredibly pumped for the game.

“It’s amazing,” exclaimed Denise. “People’s generosity is incredible. We have heard from a lot of these people throughout the year, but for this to happen we are overwhelmed.”

Check out their 17th video to celebrate the playoffs.

Week 17. Bills Dad. “Party Like It’s 1999”. 99 was our last playoff. Let’s do it again. Thanks Trainwreck Sports for the…

Posted by Dick DeGroat on Saturday, December 30, 2017

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