Sweet Buffalo Kid of the Month! Meet Aidin

With the new school year fast approaching, we think it’s important to remind kids to be kind to one another and to also stay true to who they are. That’s why our first ever “Sweet Buffalo Kid of the Month” is a young man who does just that.

His name is Aidin Harrigan and he’s going into fifth grade this year at Meadow Elementary in North Tonawanda. Aidin is our first “Sweet Kid” because at such a young age, he already knows the importance of being yourself and not letting anyone make you feel like who you are isn’t good enough. On the last day of school this year, Aidin wanted to show everyone how excited he was for summer by dressing the part. Although he knew he might get teased by his classmates for dressing a little different, Aidin went ahead wearing his awesome summer ensemble and walked into school like it was nobody’s business.

Aidan’s mom, Kenya Harrigan, had this to say.

I truly admire my son, Aidin. He chose his summer outfit carefully this week, and was all ready to celebrate his final day of fourth grade. 

“Everyone is staring at me,” he said as we walked toward the front of the crowded school. I watched as Aidin stood taller and adjusted his hat. “You look amazing, as usual,” I said with a smile.

While I took pictures and walked Aidin to his class, I saw girls giving him dirty looks and whispering; a few little ones just stared, some older boys on bikes stared, too. Teachers and parents loved his style! His buddies loved it, yet still asked Aidin why he was dressed the way he was. His famous and always friendly response is, “because I can.”

I am nowhere near perfect, but I can say that I have raised my son with a strength and confidence that took me decades to embrace. My Aidin, my son, I am so proud of you! Always stay strong. Always stay you.

Keep being awesome, Aidin.

If you would like to nominate a Sweet Buffalo Kid of the Month, email us at sweetbuffalo716@aol.com and tell us why your kid is so sweet!

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