Sweet Buffalo wants to help your business succeed!

Did you know that Sweet Buffalo loves to help local businesses? Yes, that’s right. Just like we love to promote good news, we like to see local businesses succeed!

Our speciality isn’t advertising, but instead telling your story! Who are you and what makes your business stand out from the rest? What do you have to offer the community and how can we get more customers your way?

Sweet Buffalo has more than 100,000 visitors a month and counting. Many of our stories are picked up by the local media and we would love to pitch your story to them as well. With social media being the go-to place for businesses, Sweet Buffalo has you covered. We have an incredible social media following and a weekly email newsletter! Email us at sweetbuffalo716@aol.com or call 716-799-7115 to find out more and read what our clients have to say about our service below!


Kimberly LaRussa

Founder of Sweet Buffalo 

One thought on “Sweet Buffalo wants to help your business succeed!

  • April 2, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    I reached out to you about hopefully getting some help with our new local paint and sip company, “Canvas and Cheers”. We have a website, a FB page (Canvas and Cheers Buffalo), and an Instagram account. We’re trying to get our own thing going after our Paintnite Team decided to fold up, and we are looking for any help possible.
    I’m a local artist that did Paintnite part time because I loved sharing art with others and it allowed me to do what I love too. So when that opportunity was taken away from me, I decided to try to hold on to it and do it independently from any established company.
    It’s been rough though. I find it super difficult to get noticed. I’ve tried a lot of paid promotions on Facebook, and I still only have 300 page likes. And not being known makes it impossible to get anyone to come to an event. I know we have a great product, and I know we’re good at what we do, because we’ve done it successfully already for a big company.
    Getting a website, and all of my supplies has been a financial nightmare. So I don’t know how much longer I can try to do this. I have one of my friends and former Paintnite people trying to list her events on my website too. And I’d love to get the other 2 people who we used to paint with back into it. But at the rate I’m going there seems to be no way.
    Anyway… This has so far been a humbling experience. I’d love any support possible. I think I’m order for me to make this work, I’ll need to somehow get exposure to people that are local through social media. I feel a bit like a begger, but I’m to that point. Lol.


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