Teen hangs 3,200 ‘You Are Loved’ notes on student’s lockers for Valentine’s Day

Now this story really melts our heart. A young lady in Florida wanted to make sure every student felt love this Valentine’s Day, so she placed 3,200 “You Are Loved” notes on student’s lockers so no one had to feel alone.

“I just want to say, what a great day to be alive! My eyes cried real tears at this sight and to find out one of our young students had the idea on her own to make 3,200 hearts with the most important words written on them (all hand cut and hand written by her) YOU ARE LOVED! She then, with some assistance, taped them to the 3,200 lockers here at Spruce Creek High School last evening, in preparation for Valentine’s day. I’m not sure if you realize the impact this has especially on a student who may not be receiving a “gift” of flowers or candy or stuffed animal today. But not only on Valentine’s Day is this important but every single day! Children and adults need to hear these three little words now more than ever. Tell someone unexpected that they are loved today! God bless this young lady, her parents should be beyond proud of her. I know I am and she is loved.”

– Melanie Turngren

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