Why parents shouldn’t fuss if the school bus is a little late this winter

We recently saw a very informative Facebook post that we knew we had to share with you. While we know you want your kids to get to school and back on time, a WNY bus driver is here to tell you why you shouldn’t fuss if the bus is a little late this winter.

“Just an FYI for my non bus driving friends and family. If you have any kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews riding a school bus you may find this informative.

Your bus driver and monitor arrive at least 15 minutes early for their run; this is the time we are paid for, but in the winter we are there much earlier at our own cost. We clean off our own buses, start them and try to get them a little warmer for your kids. Driving a bus in the best of weather is interesting, winter in WNY makes it a nightmare! We are vigilant for other drivers, kids on slippery driveways or sidewalks. We pray they have plowed the roads and that we won’t slide off the road, or worse into a car. We do this with a smile on our face, say good morning to each child, and never let them see how worried we are.

During these long, cold winters just remember we are there for your kids. Please don’t fuss if we are a little late, we are trying to be safe.

Ardia Gutowski 

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