Woman diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer comes home to Buffalo to be with family, so friends do a beautiful thing to show support

When Mindy Herington found out that a former co-worker and friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, she was devastated. So when she heard her friend was coming home from Roswell to spend her final days with her family, she and her friends knew they had to do something special to show their support.

“Everyone wanted to do something for her but we didn’t know what. I then thought about how much joy and comfort Sweet Buffalo Rocks bring to people,” she said. “I thought it would be a beautiful image to fill her yard with love to let her and her family know that they are loved and supported by their community that she did so much for.”

Herington’s friend (who the friends wish to have her name remain anonymous for privacy) is a speech therapist in Buffalo Public Schools. She was diagnosed just a few months ago. Her husband works in Alden Schools and together they founded the Borninbuffalo.net T-shirt company.

“She is a ray of sunshine always and they have a beautiful daughter who is the light of their lives,” said another friend. “She has been an inspiration to many people.”

In just a few days after making a rally cry for help from rockers in the Sweet Buffalo Rocks Facebook group, Herington was able to collect 617 rocks. The rocks were placed in her friend’s front yard this afternoon.

“STAGE LOVE! It was beautiful,” she said in a post in the rock’s group.

Herington thanked the rockers in the group for their rock donations and Bennett Park Montessori School for helping to paint the rocks as well.

A friend says the photo above is their favorite photo taken of the day. “It looks like God is sending down the sun rays from inside their house,” she said.

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