Woman who fostered obese Beagle adopted her yesterday!

It’s a very happy ending for one famous Beagle, Honey, who was adopted by her foster mom yesterday.

“Honey would like to announce that she has decided she likes it here and is going to adopt me as her forever momma,” Cable posted on Facebook.

This is an amazing comeback for a dog who not too long ago was dropped off at the Niagara SPCA severely overweight and could barely walk. Susan and the rest of the staff brought Honey back to health and Honey stayed at Susan’s house to get better.

“It’s funny, but because I’ve been watching her every day, I forgot how big she was when I first brought her home until I started going back and looking at the pictures from the beginning. Now I remember thinking ‘my back is never going to survive’ because I had to carry her outside all the time. The first time she walked or the first time she ran just makes my heart burst with happiness,” said Cable.

We’re so happy for you both. Check out Honey’s progress here:

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