Alden mom creates ‘Pocket People’ for kids with anxiety to take to school

A local mom is trying to make the transition to school easier for kids with anxiety.

A local mom is trying to make the transition to school easier for kids with anxiety. They’re called Pocket People and they are the sweetest things ever! Here Debbie Rutkowski shares her story.

“When my son, Nathan, was starting kindergarten we had a lot of changes that year…new baby, new school, etc. He was so so anxious about it, so I suggested sending him to school with a picture or something of mine but he was nervous about losing it.

Out of panic and desperation and short of telling him he never had to go to school…ever…I ran around the house and made a tiny little bead version of me. I attached it to his belt loop and slid it into his pocket.

They can’t take toys or distractions to school, so this was small and discreet enough but packed a ton of love and it really made a difference. I couldn’t believe it. He wore it every day of kindergarten. First grade. It helped him transition when we moved and he started a new school in first grade. He wore it every day that year, too.

He was a kid that had a speech delay, tubes, PT and OT, so he was very comfortable in his own little world. He has since grown out of his therapy needs and his Pocket Mommy, but it’s very dear to us and the impact it had on him. He’s in fourth grade now.

I got requests to make them and about two years ago I started selling them. The impact it has had on other kids and moms is unbelievable. I really want to get the word out because these, as little as they are, just help so much.”

Rutkowski said her son returned the favor and made her a “Pocket Nathan” to take with her when she went to North Carolina a few years ago.

“I wore it on my belt loop and in my pocket every day of the trip.”

Pocket People are $8 each and are available to fit all sorts of families. If you’d like one for your child, visit Pocket People on

or message Debbie here:

Shipping for shipping cost is available.

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