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Bentley and his family aren’t giving up hope, please keep praying for Bentley

Please continue to pray for Bentley!

What was supposed to be a beautiful vacation in California turned into a nightmare for Bentley Hayden’s family. His mom shared an update with us today.

“We ended up spending our last two days in San Diego in the emergency room, Bentley’s blood count was three, which is extremely low! They said that if we didn’t bring him in – with it dropping as fast as it was – he would have passed away. He ended up needing a double blood transfusion and also a platelet transfusion! After fighting with the doctors for hours and signing a leave against medical advice form, we managed to get on our flight and get to Michigan.

We’re already completely satisfied with being here- and love Dr. Shroller.

She agreed that with all of Bentley’s progression of disease only being in his bones and nothing in his organs, she didn’t believe that Hospice was the right decision for Bentley. She stated that neuroblastoma itself will not kill someone, but allowing it to spread to the organs, or organ activity, will. She believes that we have a fair shot and recommended doing chemotherapy immediately. We also are going to biopsy his tumor, bone marrow biopsy and a set of full scans here.

Tomorrow at 8 a.m. we are starting blood and platelet transfusion just to get ahead of the game and a three-day chemotherapy that he has never had before!

I pray pray pray this is what we needed all along. I never thought I would be so happy to start chemo again!

There is hope!”

Please continue to pray for Bentley! If you would like to make a donation to help, you may do so here:

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