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Dear Sweet Buffalo: I accidentally gave away my neighbor’s lost cat, what should I do?

A Buffalo woman thought she was doing a nice thing when she found a stray cat a home, but it turns out the cat was her neighbor's. She is now seeking advice on what to do.

Dear Sweet Buffalo:

I live in Buffalo, but my husband and I have a vacation home in Florida. While we were there for a month, a cat would come visit us outside of our home and in our garage often and it looked very hungry. We would feed it and say hello and keep it company. We saw a listing on our community’s website that said an elderly woman had lost her cat. We called her right away and she came to see, but unfortunately it wasn’t her cat.

The cat would continue to come every day and meow and we would give it water, too. We had no idea who this cat was or where it came from and there was no one around looking for it.

Well, it was time for us to go back to Buffalo for the holidays and the cat was still coming around, not leaving our side. We didn’t want to leave it with no place to go or have it get run over by a car. It would have no one to feed it if we left, so we called the SPCA. The SPCA said if we brought it there it would likely be put down.

We didn’t want that to happen.

I went back on the site and found the elderly woman’s phone number again and called and asked her if she had found her cat yet. She had not. I thought wouldn’t it be nice if she could take this cat who has no home?

She came over and met the cat again and fell in love. She took him in a box and cried tears of joy to have a new best friend. “You don’t know how happy this makes me. Thank you,” she said.

I was so happy I had done a nice thing.

Well now we are back in Buffalo and I went on the community’s site again. There was a new listing of a lost cat. This time it was a neighbor’s and the picture was of the same cat who we had just found a home for the day before.

I feel terrible.

I tried looking for the elderly women’s number again and it’s no longer listed on the website. I also don’t want to break her heart when she just lost her own cat and now I’d be taking away her new one even if I was able to find her and I can’t tell my neighbor I gave away her cat.

What do you think I should do?


(Cat pictured is not the cat described)

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