Good news! Mikey can go home for the first time in his life, but he needs community’s help in finding a home nurse first

We’ve shared the story of sweet Mikey Barone, a 16-month old boy who will be spending his second Christmas in the hospital, a place he hasn’t left since he was born. Well, in a few short weeks he can go home for the first time in his life…but on one condition. He needs a home nurse.

The family is now reaching out to the community for help in finding one because it’s not easy.

“A home nurse is the only thing we need to bring Mikey home in a few weeks. All the agencies don’t have any to spare, so my husband and I are trying to find them 100 percent on our own,” said Kristine Barone, Mikey’s mom.

If you’re interested in becoming Mikey’s home nurse or know someone who is, call Kristine at 716-997-7057 or email

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