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Justice for Vanessa: Community rallying to save dog who may be put down

We came across a story that we found to be very sad. A rescue dog turned family dog name Vanessa from the Town of Ogden in New York is set to be euthanized soon and her family is fighting for her life…most recently putting up a billboard that says Bring Vanessa Home. Here is their story from the Facebook page Justice for Vanessa below.

In 2016, Vanessa was found abandoned in a residential home in the City of Rochester, with a broken leg. She was taken to a local municipal shelter for housing and medical treatment and quickly became a staff favorite. The shelter raised over $7,000 to get Vanessa the medical care she needed for surgery to repair her leg. Vanessa was fostered and adopted into a loving home with an experienced and loving owner. She became an integral part of the family which included being a constant companion for a mentally disabled young family member. She loved her newfound life. Walks with the family, rolling in green grass, couch time with her dad, peanut butter sandwiches. Vanessa’s life turned 180 degrees and she was thriving. And then July 6th turned to July 7th and Vanessa’s world came crashing down.

On July 7th while on a morning walk with another family dog Vanessa was accused of biting a woman. According to the Justice for Vanessa Facebook page, Vanessa was walking with another dog at the time so it is unknown who (if any of the dogs) bit the woman and now still after 6 months Vanessa has been withheld from her family and set to be euthanized if someone is not able to stop this from happening.

The story is a long one so we will let you read Vanessa’s family’s side of the story here:

Vanessa’s family say the best way to help is to write respectful emails and make phone calls, share the Facebook page and keep Vanessa’s story alive.

Facebook page here:

Sign the petition here;

For more stories that help animals, join the Sweet Buffalo to the Rescue Facebook group here:



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