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Local woman receives 168 red roses and decides to give them to strangers on the street

Sometimes a small act of kindness goes a long way.

Samantha Gill of Eden is the jack of all trades. She’s a marketing expert, a mommy, a blogger, and an all around awesome gal. So when she received 168 red roses in the mail from a client, it’s no surprise she wanted to do something great with them.

Gill’s client, BloomsyBox, often sends her flower arrangements so she can come up with new marketing strategies, social media campaigns, or just provide helpful feedback. Recently they sent her 14 amazingly beautiful bouquets of red roses with baby’s breath and greenery to find out how they arrived in the mail (she said they came in fresh and gorgeous by the way.) But instead of just giving them a thumbs up, she decided to take to the streets of Hamburg to brighten people’s day.

“Here I was… with literally a bathtub full of roses and not enough vases in my house to display them in or keep them alive. My husband actually thought up the idea of giving them to people around town months ago (Thanks, Luke!) – and up until now, the opportunity hadn’t presented itself. But with it being close to Valentine’s Day and with the fact that I didn’t have to alter the flowers from their original beauty, it seemed like the perfect timing.”

Gill’s sister met up with her and the two took to the streets of Hamburg to pass out the flowers and videotape the reactions of unsuspecting recipients.

“A few hours and 10 bouquets of roses later (I kept a few to give to friends and family!), we had made several passerby’s days and, as a result of spreading happiness, filled our own hearts with joy as well. Every time I re-watch the reactions from that morning, I can’t help but smile. Hopefully the women who went home with a beautiful bouquet of roses think back on the day and smile, too!”

Take a look at the beautiful act of kindness here:

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