Mom of boy battling cancer in tears after health insurance company denies coverage for possible life-saving treatment

UPDATE! See story below.

Bentley Hayden’s mom reached out to Sweet Buffalo today with devastating news. Bentley, who is battling a very rare cancer called neuroblastoma for the third time, just had emergency surgery done to his spinal cord after his tumor was growing larger and larger and now Bentley’s insurance company has denied their third appeal for possible life-saving treatment recommended by his doctors because “the service is not medically necessary.”

Bentley’s mom said the treatment would cost $85,000 a dose and Bentley would need two doses. With tears in her eyes, Krystal Hayden explained that they are running out of time and options. She decided to make a video to spread awareness of how urgent treatment is and how devastating it is for families that insurance would deny treatment for children no matter what their illness.

“This is a chance to save my son’s life. He’s 4. He deserves a future and he deserves to be a kid and for insurance to deny that is completely devastating that they would rather children die than to pay to save their lives,” she said.

Krystal shared the denial letter sent to her below.

Many have asked about donations, if you would like to make one for Bentley, you may do so here:



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