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Sweet Buffalo launches ‘Sweet Buffalo Rocks’ project to encourage community togetherness

Sweet Buffalo, a blog designed to share the goodness of Buffalo, NY has decided to take on a rockin’ project called “Sweet Buffalo Rocks!”

Sweet Buffalo, a blog designed to share the goodness of Buffalo, N.Y. has decided to take on a rockin’ project called “Sweet Buffalo Rocks!”

“It’s all about promoting community goodness and giving Western New Yorkers a chance to do something simple and fun to make a difference in our community,” said Kimberly LaRussa, creator of Sweet Buffalo.

The project is simple: get a rock; paint it; decorate it; hide it; let someone find it; repeat. It sounds pretty crazy, but it’s a project that’s being done in cities all over the United States including LaRussa’s hometown in Florida.


“A good friend of mine in Florida has been following my Sweet Buffalo website. She knows how important it is to me to spread goodness in the community, so she shared a Facebook group with me called ‘Martin County Rocks!’ and within a few hours I was hooked!”


Each day residents post photos and captions of the rocks they find. Kids get the biggest kick out of the project when they find Ninja Turtle painted rocks, Trolls, Minions, and so much more. Finders can either keep the rock as a souvenir or they can hide it for someone else to find. The possibilities are endless with the rocks, including making people smile. Encouraging words like “You can do this” and “Just believe” are often painted on rocks to make someone’s day.


“I’ve been in touch with the creator of this project and she encouraged me to just go for it. It’s winter time and we’re all stuck inside. I’ve been having a blast painting my rocks. I left my first rock near La Nova Pizza in Buffalo today and I had such a smile on my face when I left knowing someone might see it and think, ‘What the heck is this?’ I look forward to placing more colorful rocks throughout Western New York for others to find,” said LaRussa.


If you’re interested in joining the Sweet Buffalo Rocks project check out the Sweet Buffalo Rocks group on Facebook. Sweet Buffalo’s secret helpers will be painting and placing rocks throughout Western New York, so if you find one you know what to do!

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