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This amazing wolf sanctuary is only a 3-hour drive from Buffalo

Hidden in a little town full of rolling hills and farm lands is an amazing sanctuary that wolves call home.

Less than 200 miles east of Buffalo, you’ll find the small town of Smyrna, N.Y. Hidden in this little town full of rolling hills and farm lands is a sanctuary where a team of dedicated, passionate advocates are eager to educate. Wolf Mountain Nature Center is home to a number of wolves, coyotes and arctic fox where they are observed to not only allow the development of unique environmental educational programs but to also raise awareness regarding the role they play in keeping ecosystems healthy.

Emily Allen of Tailor Mayde Photography had the unique chance to spend some time there this past Saturday with a small number of other photographers to experience what she says was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“From the moment we started our walk up the hill side driveway, through the trees, I was feeling overwhelmed with something I cant quite describe. The ground and trees were covered in white, the snow was falling and the complete silence forces you into a place of peace,” she said. “And the howling. Wow. Its an incredible thing to hear in person. Talk about being at peace.”

Wolf Mountain Nature Center hosts a number of events (which can be found on their website and Facebook page) including howl nights, guided tours and camping. The center is 100 percent funded by donations. That means that the small $5 fee you pay to enter, goes to keeping this place running. That includes feeding the animals, maintaining their enclosures, medical expenses, and more.

Allen was so inspired by the sanctuary and what they are doing for these magnificent animals that she has decided to sell the portraits she took to raise funds for the wolves. Profits from each print sold will go to to Wolf Mountain Nature Center.

You can find the gallery with all of the photos here:

Or if you wish to donate directly to Wolf Mountain Nature Center, you can do so by visiting the sponsorship page of their website here:

For more amazing photos, visit Tailor Mayde Photography on Facebook or Instagram. 

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