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WNY Anti Bully Project seeks to educate adults and children about bullying before it starts

A local business owner is going above and beyond to prevent bullying before it happens.

A local business owner is going above and beyond to prevent bullying before it happens.

Bill Long, owner of SPAR Self Defense in Tonawanda, launched the WNY Anti Bully Project on Friday during a press conference.

“As you all know bullying in our community is always center stage, it’s always on our plate. We’ve experienced some awfully, awfully bad things with young people commiting suicide, which is totally unacceptable and we need to do something about it,” said Long.

Long was accompanied by Sen. Chris Jacobs and Legislator Ed Rath who he approached about his anti-bully efforts and received their full support.

“Bullying is something that is evolving,” said Rath. “It has changed from back what it was when we were all younger when it may have happened at the school yard or the school bus.”

“Bullying can come in many different forms. It can be physical but it can also be the exact opposite of isolating an individual, and either one can be so devastating to a child,” said Jacobs.

The goal of the WNY Anti Bully Project is to bring the community together in a united and functional way to promote awareness and education in the advancement of anti-bullying endeavors throughout Erie and Niagara Counties.


“We are going to get the resources and the information that’s readily available. We are going to get it into the hands, the minds and the hearts of educators, parents, and ultimately, our children,” said Long.

Rachel Tornambe, a student at SPAR Self Defense, said she’s grateful for Long’s efforts in taking a stand against bullying as she was once bullied herself.

“Just to know that he’s doing this to help other children and young adults to avoid being bullied, it just means the world to me,” she said.

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