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Woman hears deceased sister say hello on radio: ‘Her last words to me were ‘Please don’t let me die’ and it’s haunted me ever since’

This story will give you the absolute chills and will have you believing in miracles again.

This story will give you the absolute chills and have you believing in miracles again.

Kristal Silva just moved back to her home state of Arizona to be closer to her dad. Moving back was a bit difficult for her because it reminded her of the most heartbreaking time in her life, the day she lost her older sister, Kristie, who was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 4. She had to have her kidneys removed and was put on dialysis and doctors said she wouldn’t live past 14.

“Growing up I always wanted to help her and be around her. I would clean her catheter after dialysis, I would take her snacks and drinks, whatever she’d like. I was her little helper,” said Kristal. “On the morning of Dec. 1, 2009 she fell into cardiac arrest. I saw her fall to her knees gasping for air in front of me. Her last words to me were ‘Please don’t let me die’ and for the past eight years those words haunted me because I felt as if I failed her. I moved back to Arizona recently, I wanted to be closer to my dad, and moving here my mother didn’t allow me to take any of her ashes with me and I was torn thinking that was it, I lost my connection with Kristie.”

So on Monday as Kristal was driving to the gym, she passed by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where her sister spent most of her life in, with doctors, appointments, and surgeries. Kristal broke down and cried. She made a Facebook post describing how the loss of her sister was taking a toll on her.

“I never took into consideration how emotionally hard it would be moving back. I’m happy, I am. But I never thought it would be so painful passing by Kristie’s hospital. Or passing by the duck pond park she would take me to in the stroller. Little things like that make me cry so hard while I’m on the road and I never thought that through. But, I can say that being here I feel the presence of her soul more. I feel her around me at all times. And that makes my heart happy, no matter how much it pains me to not have her here physically.”

Right after that post, a miracle happened. A song that originally says “I just came to say hello” came on the radio, but instead it said something else.

“Getting out of the gym driving home is when I heard the song on the radio and at first I didn’t know what it was saying. On the second chorus I turned the radio up and heard ‘HEY KRISTIE SAYS HELLO!’ So I got my phone out in hopes I would catch it again and I did! I got home and ran up to show my dad and brothers and we all heard the same thing.”

“Kristie passed away when she was 22 years old and I was 14. Now I’m 22 and she gave me this amazing sign. The stars aligned perfectly, I don’t believe it was coincidence at all.”

Update: A DJ contacted Kristal to let her know the song was a remix of his name “Chris Villa.” Kristal still believes it was a sign from her sister though.

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