My only Christmas wish: Please help me find my son a kidney

Lynda Gibson has been reaching out to the community for months to help find a kidney donor for her son, Jason Batch of Buffalo, who has stage 5 kidney failure. Without a donor, there’s no telling how much time he has left.

“All I want for Christmas is to save my son’s life,” said Gibson. “His kidney levels were at nine percent and now they are only at seven. We need a miracle.”

Batch will start dialysis in the next two to three weeks. His blood type is B and he can take B /0 – or + . With the help of someone out there, you may be the one to save his life. You can reach the transplant team at ECMC by calling Alicea Wirth-Gonser at 716-898-4932 or emailing You may also contact Lynda Gibson at 716-939-6718 for further information.

“Please help my son. Jason is an amazing person. I am staying very positive that we will find him a kidney because burying my child is not an option,” said Gibson.

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