NYPD treats WNY kids in hospital to VIP fireworks show in the city

Two WNY families are extremely grateful for the kindness they received while having to stay in New York City for their children’s treatment during Fourth of July. Bentley Hayden, 3, of Buffalo, who is receiving treatment for cancer, and Anastasia Rafter, 2, of Niagara Falls, who is receiving treatment for a brain tumor, haven’t had it easy. But on one particular night, they were able to be carefree kids.

NYPD and the fire department came to the hospital to give kids and their families a special cook-out. The officers and fire crew talked with the families and handed out teddy bears.

“We had a had police escort to the firework show, front row on the water, where they handed out glow sticks, Fourth of July hats, candy drinks, and chips. We then were escorted back and they had closed off roads and sirens going for the kids. It was an amazing experience,” said Krystal Hayden, Bentley’s mom.

Hayden and Anastasia’s mom, Lene’e Gray, have become fast friends as they are both fighting for their children to be well again. The families had the opportunity to spend the evening together and enjoy a special night thanks to the generosity of the NYPD.

“We’re so thankful for the NYPD and Ronald McDonald House for an amazing/unforgettable day while we had to spend the holiday away from home,” said Gray.

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