Ontario mom makes desperate plea in video begging someone to save her son’s life as cure costs $1 million

This is truly heartbreaking. Kristen Sturgeon of Brockville, Ontario, is desperate to save her son Kaiden’s life. Kaiden has a rare life threatening genetic disease called Sandhoff disease, a disease that affects one in 500,000 children and gives a child a life expectancy of two to four years. There is a potential cure for it, but it comes at a cost of $1 million dollars. His mom is now reaching out for help in any way she can.

“As my son is almost 3 years old and potentially entering the last quarter of his life, I am humbly asking for any help you can provide. I am looking to raise that one million dollars and I am looking for media and social media exposure. I will never stop fighting for my son, and other children like him and I am asking that you join me in this fight.”

Sandhoff disease destroys the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord and the only outcome of it is death. The only potential cure would be a virus that is injected one time only, intravenously. Kaiden, who is the only person with this disease in Ontario, would be the first human trial. His doctor, Dr. Jagdeep Walia, is recommending it, but Sturgeon does not have the funds and time is running out.

“At this point we have raised $35,000, a long way from a million dollars. Once the money has been raised, it will still take time to make the virus,” she said.

Sturgeon sent us this heart wrenching video of her plea to save her son:

If you would like to make a donation to help save Kaiden’s life, visit www.cureforkaiden.com/


or www.gofundme.com/jm6w8wm4

We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.

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